Online ticket sales and scheduler for Tour operators, balloonists and light aviation

Full Management of Clients, Pilots and Crew, Full Reports, including financial statements

Online ticket and souvenir sales. Gift vouchers, special offers and discounts are possible

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You have the choice: Store and edit your data in the cloud or on your personal server!


The cloud solution: All data is only processed and stored on a Swiss server in Switzerland. It goes without saying that the transmission is encrypted. Daily backups and 99% availability are also standard on our servers.

You still don't trust us?


Then simply work on a server of your choice.

For a fee, our technicians install and configure the program on your personal server at a location of your choice.


You will then receive an electronic key from us to unlock the program in the version and time period of your choice.


Please note that although you have 100% control over your data, you are also responsible for it.

In this case, you or the operator of your server are responsible for data security, backups etc.