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News and updates



16.11.2019     Sort - and Export your data
                       Now all tables can be sorted, printed and exportet in Excell, CSV and PDF format.


02.08.2019     EASA monitoring of crew and aircraft.
                        Admin and affected pilot will be informed by e-mail X days before expiration. Flight hours control of
                        Aircraft will be send to admin X days before the max. hours are reached.

14.06.2019     Flight certificate print
                       As of now, certificates can be freely designed on an A4 sheet and the text can be entered individually.
The app automatically inserts flight date, pax and pilot name company names and more.
                       All certificates of one flight are printed simultaneously with the push of a button.


13.04.2019     Admin messages on passengers list
                       Admin can now leave a written message to the flight crew on the passengers list.


28.02.2019     Reservation can be made on passed flights
                       Passengers can now also be booked into flights that are in the passed.


15.02.2019      Personal message on flight tickets
    The customer can now have a personal message (up to 500 letters) printed at the flight ticket


10.02.2019      Flight certificate print
                        Flight certificates now can be freely designed on an A4 sheet and the text entered individually.
                        The app automatically adds flight date, passenger and pilot name.
                        All deeds of the registered Pax are printed at the push of a button at the same time.